Tina O’Connor & Feng Shui for Moms – by Allison Parder

Tina O’Connor wants to bring “good life flow energy” to women’s lives. Her books Be That Girl and Be That Mom are both instructional guides that teach woman to do just that.

Feng Shui is a major element in both of her books, and Feng Shui was her focus at her recent seminar at the Calgary Baby & Tot show. She will also be coming to the Calgary Women’s Show to speak again. She offers Feng Shui consultation, and was pleased with the interest in the topic.

“Feng Shui is all about energy flow and making sure it can flow easily into your life,” Tina said. “When there’s a lot of clutter in our environment, it does not allow that good energy to come in.”

De-cluttering all aspects of the home is number one in her Feng Shui teachings. She teaches people how to improve their lives through allowing positive energy to reach them.

“Things like de-cluttering the kitchen are really important, especially for moms,” says Tina. “Keeping the kitchen in the ready position at all times can relieve so much unneeded stress.” Tina recommends a tidy house and being ready for the morning before going to bed, to ensure a fresh start. “The more clutter-free and easy it is for you to walk around your home, the (more the) energy is going to do the same.”

According to Feng Shui, not having a lot of toys or books in children’s rooms is also recommended in order to decrease stimulation. “When it comes to Feng Shui and energy, a lot of it is at a subconscious level. If you’ve got all these books and all these toys and kids are trying to sleep, it’s that subconscious stimulation,” Tina explained.

A big topic for moms to be aware of is positioning of beds, according to Tina. She says that if you notice your kids aren’t sleeping very well, it could be because of where their bed is set up in their bedroom. “Not having your kids’ beds up against the wall is really important for the flow of energy,” Tina says. “It’s important to be able to walk around both sides of the bed.”

“Also, the power position when you’re sleeping is very important. You should never have your feet pointed towards the door. Doorways act as these crazy energy flow areas, and when you’re facing it, that energy is flowing in. It’s that stimulating energy, and you don’t want that in your bedroom.”

Tina is currently working on another Be That book to add to her series, Be That Kinky Girl that will be out soon and continues to publish other local authors through her publishing company, Be That Books.