Five Must-Have Photographs Before Age 10 – by Rahima Anwar Khan

Children grow up so fast these days! Documenting their growth is something that both you and your child will enjoy looking back at in years to come. Getting the kids to stay still for a picture is a challenge, but it’s a challenge worth taking on. These pictures will serve as a time capsule in the future. Precious memories are created in the first few years of a child’s life, which they will look back on fondly for years to come.

Consider taking these pictures for your photo album before age 10:

A Picture a Week

This is a neat project that you could take on as a family. It will create a story-like effect to your pictures, as every one will tell a bit more of the story of your children growing up. Some parents like to take these photos and put them together in a time-lapse video. It’s a fun and rewarding project to take on, you and your child will enjoy the time spent together deciding which picture to take that week.

Pictures with Parents

Taking pictures of your kids is great, but taking pictures with your kids is better. We are often so busy making sure our kids are posed just right, spending a fortune on photographers, when what they will really appreciate is a picture of the whole family together. Your children and their children will appreciate these group photos in years to come, when they want to know who’s who in their extended family and what their lives were like.

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are a fun and exciting time for the kids, and it’s a no-brainer to take photos of the cake and the birthday child. Don’t forget to take a picture of their friends, though – even better, make a note of who each guest is on the back of the photograph. Looking back on your childhood photos, you often forget the names of these people who were so special to you while you were growing up.

Hobbies & Sports

Capture their curiosity as they try new activities, whether or not they carry on with them. Take a picture of your little one’s first day at ballet, and then once a month after – try to capture moments of growth and improvement. When they look back at these photos, they’ll enjoy seeing their roots and where they started. It might give them motivation to keep going.

First Time

Take pictures of their first time at the Calgary Zoo, Telus Spark, or Calaway Park. Anywhere new you take them, snap a picture. Don’t forget to take pictures of wherever it is you’re visiting, too – it can be neat to look back at old photos of theme parks and attractions to see what kinds of things were there at the time.