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Calgary’s Child Magazine’s Birthday is in the Bag

How do we like to celebrate our birthday? By giving back. For our 20th birthday we decided to have a birthday party for 40 children we will never meet.

Almost everyone celebrates a birthday, regardless of culture or religion. But for many families, there isn’t enough money for nutritious food, let alone cake or candles. That’s where the Birthday Kit Program at the Calgary Food Bank steps in.

We know the importance of birthdays. The magazine has entire issues devoted to the best ways to throw a party. We knew that we needed to create some special memories for children who might not get a party any other way.

Anyone can put together a Birthday Kit! We went to the dollar store and got gift bags, candles, party hats, and balloons, plus sidewalk chalk and bubbles to play with. Then to the grocery store for cake mix and frosting. We got back to the office and had a great time putting together the bags – some of the bags had special decorations for the birthday kid to hang on their door.

It took two days to get the bags together before we were able to load the Birthday Bags in the car, then we headed down to the Calgary Food Bank to drop them off.

We are so pleased that we were able to help 40 families party! Giving families a chance to throw a birthday party when they might not have had the opportunity otherwise was the best birthday present we could have asked for.

Though this was a last minute idea, the Calgary’s Child Magazine staff will definitely be doing this project again with lots more special treats. We challenge our readers, partners and advertisers to create a birthday bag or two and drop them off! Make it a tradition to put them together with your child right before their birthday.

If you are looking for more information on the Birthday Kit Program, please visit Calgary Food Bank’s website at