Disney On Ice presents “PRINCESSES & HEROES”!

By Nanica Brown Photos: Nanica Brown 

IMG_0879Do you have a Disney lover in your family? Of course you do, maybe even multiple people which means when Disney on Ice is in town it’s a must see.

We – my six-year-old son, my three-year-old daughter and I – had the opportunity to see Disney on Ice March 18, 2015. I was a little nervous my son can be very anti-princess, likely because my daughter is the queen of princesses, so I wasn’t sure how he would react to a two hour homage of Princesses and Heroes.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that wouldn’t be a problem. He was rapt for the entire show and even complained when the lights came up at intermission. My daughter was enthralled to see all her favourite princesses. They sang along with most of the songs and clapped through the whole performance. One thing I did realize is that my children have never seen some of the older movies. (During the Beauty and the Beast number my son asked why the forks were on skates and he thought Lumiere was a paper towel tube)

IMG_0825Because the show is made up of pared down scenes from the movie it occasionally causes confusion. Some of the scenes are changed around, or come out of order. It’s really noticeable during Frozen where they change the sequence of lines. If you have watched it one million times like my family it really stands out that Olaf sunbathing comes before Elsa’s ‘Let it Go’.

It also means the heroes don’t always have a chance to show their mettle because there are hardly any villains. In my mind Maleficent and her fantastical dragon alter-ego really stole the show. It was definitely darker and between the glowing paint and actual fire on ice it was easily my most memorable part. And when Ursula came on, her over the top personality overshadowed the diminutive skater playing Ariel.

If you didn’t have the chance to see this show you won’t understand the sheer scale of the production. Between costumes, choreography, moving set pieces and the number of skaters – which you don’t see until all eight couples come out for the finale – Disney on Ice is a magical experience.

So did you see Disney on Ice Princesses Heroes? If so what was your favourite part?

Disney on Ice – Princesses and Heroes has wrapped its run in Calgary but here are five tips to get through the next show:

  • Get if they are available, or bring your child a booster seat. Inevitably you will end up seated behind a family of giants and you will spend two hours with your child wiggling around on your lap and knocking over your $7 water.
  • Pin up the front hem of your little princess’ costume. The stairs at the Corral are steep and many kids were stumbling over the hems of their dresses as they climbed the stairs, especially after the lights went out.
  • Bring glow sticks and other glittery items to wave around. Ice shows make their money on selling merchandise. If purchasing a $40 Elsa wand isn’t part of your budget plan ahead; take a glow stick (or seven) from the dollar store with you.
  • Treat it like a slumber party. If your child’s bedtime happens to be during the show – most evening shows start at 7p.m. – don’t be discouraged. Put your child in close fitting pajamas before they put on their costume. Then at the end of the night before you put him or her in their car seat strip them down and they are ready to go right to bed when you get home.
  • Make it Last. Find out which movies will be featured in Disney on Ice ahead of time and take the time to watch them before you go. You may have seen Anna and Elsa one million time but likely you haven’t watched some of them in ages.
  • BONUS TIP: Get there a bit early to get settled, get food and go to the bathroom. It becomes a lot harder to find your seat when the house lights go down.