ExpoOur city is about to get very geeky, and love it! From April 28-May 1 the Calgary Comic & Entertainment will welcome tens of thousands of fans to Stampede Park to celebrate pop culture. The event is totally family friendly – there is even an expanded Kid’s Zone this year! Kids will be able to jump around on bouncers, take classes like Hogwart’s potion making, make crafts, or even partake in a Viking battle! And that’s only half the fun… the other half is dressing up!

While it’s definitely not mandatory, Calgary Expo organizer estimate that over half of the people spidermanwho attend the show take the opportunity to dress up at least a little bit. That could range from movie-perfect cosplay (a term that comes from ‘costume’ and ‘play’) to wearing fan gear like Superman T-shirts or Harry Potter scarves. For kids, it’s especially fun, and often the whole family will get into the game to dress up together.

Almost every Halloween or dress up character will be a good fit for Expo, so feel free to recycle. We asked Calgary Expo for some tips, and they sent us these ideas for characters that would be relatively easy to craft or put together using mostly pieces you already have at home…

Clark Kent
A suit with open buttons revealing the Superman crest underneath will make any little guy or gal look like they’re ready for a phone booth. Bonus marks for the Christopher Reeve hair curl and classic Clark Kent glasses.

Doctor Who
There have been many doctors, but some of the best kid’s costumes honour this character with tweed jackets, multicoloured scarves, ‘sonic screwdrivers’, or a fez – lots of which can totally be made at home!

Some brown fabric, a hood, and a lightsaber is all you need for this one.
jedi 2
Sherlock Holmes
Trenchcoat, hat, magnifying glass – done. Bonus marks for having a Watson nearby to complete the look!

Harry Potter
Bring out that prep school uniform, draw on a scar, make a wand from scratch. Bonus: robe & scarf.

Star Trek 
Look in your closet to find a coloured t-shirt/dress, black pants/tights, and pin on a star trek badge (easy to craft!). Bonus points for going ‘Vulcan’ and adding pointy ears and Spock eyebrows.

The 11th Annual Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo will kick off four days of pop culture celebration April 28 – May 1, 2016 at Stampede Park. Tickets are available online at calgaryexpo.com* and range from $20-$48 for adult, regular, singe-day tickets. Discounted youth (ages 8-12) are also available, and children seven and under get in free with an adult.

*Limited onsite sales are available for Thursday and Friday tickets only. Onsite sales are not available for Saturday and Sunday tickets.