Family Fun in Bragg Creek

by Eilidh Tait
unnamedSummer holidays are my favorite time to get out and spend days in the sunshine with my children, exploring together. At the end of the school year the kids and I brainstorm a HUGE list of fun things we would like to do or see over our summer break, checking them off as we go.

Last week we decided we should check out Bragg Creek for a little hike and see what else we could find. We first drove to Alder Trail just past Bragg Creek on highway 758. With four kids ranging from 2 to 11 we have to choose fairly easy and very interesting!

Alder trail was perfect for everyone and had lots to look at and read along the way. Parking at the bottom of the trail and heading into the forest felt like adventure from the very start and watching them discover little details along the trail was sweet. The way this day went from start to finish, with barely any planning or spending involved reminded me I have to do more of this type of thing!

After the hike we stopped for a quick lunch of fruit and sandwiches and headed further west to Forget-me- not Pond. We have been here before and it is a definite favorite. The short drive between the two spots gave the kids enough time to have a little recharge before embarking on the afternoon of playing. Just past Elbow falls after the road turns we came to the pond. Parking is so convenient and there were lots of families set up having picnics and walking the path around the pond. I took the chariot for this walk as I expected my tired Jack may need to ride for a while. Luckily I did as on our way back his little legs were exhausted!

Losing cell phone service is almost a positive for me and we all enjoyed walking and talking around the edge of the water. At the far end of the pond there is a little path that leads to the river. We made our way there and spent a long time playing in the stones. I find the water to be quite safe for the younger ones as long as they stay close to the edges and my older girls love building little rock piles on the shore. I have to make sure that our adventures are enough for each child and sometimes that can be a challenge. This day seemed to please everyone and I will definitely try to make it back out this way before summers end.

Ice cream at Scoops & Snacks on the way home was just the thing to end the adventure. The prices are awesome, the scoops are generous (I had to ask that Jack’s be halved!) and the cute little bench area outside is a great spot to enjoy the treat.

Looking in my rearview to see four sleeping little faces was like my own cherry on top!