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March PSA – Burns & Scalds

From Alberta Health Services EMS

Each year, Alberta Health Services, EMS, continues to respond to emergencies involving young children who have sustained severe burns or scalds. These incidents often occur inside the child’s own home. Common causes include a child accidentally tipping hot liquids onto themselves, touching hot surfaces such as stoves, or making contact with electrical outlets. Fortunately, incidents such as these can be avoided by taking preventative measures.

Degrees of burn

  • : Affects only the top layers of the skin; appears red like a sun burn; discomfort is generally tolerable;
  • : Deeper and much more painful than 1°burns; broken skin or blisters commonly develop;
  • : Severe: the deepest layers of skin and tissue are injured; may appear charred or leathery.

First Aid for burns

  • Skin may continue to burn if not aggressively cooled. Immediately douse burns with large amounts of cold water.
  • Cover the burn with a sterile dressing, or at least clean material to protect infection;
  • Over the counter medications may be used for pain. Adhere to directions given on the label;
  • Seek further medical attention, as required.

Prevention of burns

  • Check the temperature of your hot water tank. Temperatures as high as 60°C / 140°F will scald a child in just seconds;
  • Use placemats instead of tablecloths. Tablecloths can be yanked downward causing hot drinks or food to spill on a child;
  • Turn pot handles to the back of the stove and ensure cords from kettles, slow cookers, and other electrical appliances cannot be reached;
  • Avoid picking up a child while holding any hot liquids;
  • Ensure electrical outlets are made secure by installing commercially available safety devices which prohibit access;
  • Keep children away from areas where appliances are in use (kettles, irons, hot stoves).

If you require immediate medical attention, call 9-1-1

A Fun Getaway without Going Away! Destination: The Calgary Airport Marriott In-Terminal Hotel

by Ellen Percival, Publisher, Calgary’s Child Magazine

Pack your bags – we’re off to the airport! Believe it or not, the Calgary airport is a pretty incredible destination all on its own. Lots of us have kids who are airplane super fans, but it’s hard to find an opportunity to really let them explore that interest. We have an idea for a special escape they’ll never forget.

Calgary Airport Marriott In-Terminal Hotel

The Calgary Airport Marriott In-Terminal Hotel is a unique, boutique-style hotel which has recently opened adjacent to the new international terminal at the Calgary Airport. Full disclosure: Marriott invited us to stay with them for a weekend to sample all of the incredible services it has to offer.

This Marriott is fully-equipped for an inclusive family experience; their indoor pool has a lift for guests with mobility challenges, there’s valet parking, and large family suites are available with a toy box, a king and sofa bed, and two bathrooms.

M Club Lounge

The M Club Lounge on the 7th floor overlooks the terminal and serves free breakfast, evening service with complimentary hors d’oeuvres and 24-hour snacks and drinks – a lifesaver for kids with unusual sleep cycles. The modern, well-appointed rooms have sound-proofed floor to ceiling windows that offer a birds-eye view of the airport’s active arrival and departure gates.  A free, downloadable YYC app will actually tell you where each plane is going or coming from as they take off and land. Rooms are also equipped with telescopes to get a close-up view of the planes. We were pleased to note that the hotel is also very dog-friendly, which is a huge advantage for families needing the assistance of a service or companion animal.

If your ultimate destination is somewhere away from Calgary, the ability to have a good night’s sleep and avoid the struggle of a 4am drive on winter roads was very appealing. A restful night in a hotel next to the airport gives plenty of time to adjust your child to the idea of air travel, as well as allowing hours and hours of exploration of the terminal, shops and play places at the airport without the fear of missing important check-in times. An often-missed but really incredible destination at the airport is SpacePort, a unique space and aeronautics facility with hands-on exhibits and displays – it’s almost impossible to find time to visit when you’re rushing around the airport to catch a plane, but having an extra evening makes all the difference.

Yakima Social Kitchen + Bar

If you have family coming into town, the Calgary Marriott In-Terminal Hotel provides an incredible array of services for adult travelers. The staff at the hotel are proud of their ability to create and customize exclusive experiences for their guests (you wouldn’t think of having a conference, milestone birthday or a wedding at an airport hotel, but trust me when I say their event services are incredible!) The Yakima Social Kitchen + Bar aims for world-class dining and hospitality, and their unique, locally-sourced menu certainly ranks it alongside the very best of what Calgary’s dining scene has to offer.

Whether you’re looking to ease the transition into a family vacation, hoping for a romantic night away (but not too far from the kids), need a place for family to stay when they come visit or are looking for your next business conference venue, the Calgary Marriott In-Terminal Hotel is a great option for lots of different needs. They work hard to accommodate the unique needs of their guests and are happy to work with you to ensure your family has a great time, whatever your reasons for staying. Bon voyage!