Born to Sing


Everyone is born to sing, and we do it almost unconsciously. We sing along to our favourite songs, soothe babies with lullabies and sing teaching songs like the ABCs. Singing plays a powerful role in development – it helps teach language skills, bonds us with our parents, and is foundation for a strong music education.

“A child who plays before he sings may remain unmusical for a lifetime. That is why we encounter so many skillful pianists who have no idea of the essence of music.”  – Zoltan Kodály

While the voice is a part of our identity, it is also our instrument and should be fostered
and not shelved. This belief led Ms. Elaine Quilichini to found the Calgary Girls Choir
(CGC) in 1995.

“The voice is our own, natural instrument and to use it is one of the greatest gifts we have. I think singing is fundamental to being human. That to express yourself through singing makes you more fully human and allows you to really express what’s in your heart and in your spirit. It satisfies you in a way that speaking alone doesn’t.”

Guided by the child-centred Kodály philosophy, Ms. Quilichini’s Calgary Girls Choir
provides exceptional music education and encourages the development of confidence,
integrity and musicianship. She says:

“I wanted to give young women a voice and provide life-changing experiences through choral music, singing and artistic expression. To give girls a place not only to use and develop their voice but a belief that they are entitled to be heard and respected and should expect nothing less.”

The CGC is comprised of three levels – Dolce, Viva and Brava, which meet once a week
to sing and learn together. Choristers in Dolce (ages 5-9) enjoy an active and fun
program where music is learned through traditional children’s folk and art songs, nursery rhymes, dance, and games. Play and physical response to the songs is an important aspect of each class. Viva, the program for Grade 4-7 girls, advances musical skills through a wide and varied repertoire. Choral training develops with an emphasis on the artistic refinement of performance, vocal technique, inner hearing, rhythm, and learning Solfège – a relative pitch system which uses pitch syllables (do, re, mi, etc.) to develop a keen musical ear. Brava (Grades 7 to age 24) learn challenging pieces with polished expression and are recognized internationally for their exquisite and moving performances.

“An artist needs to learn their craft to really be able to freely express themselves – in visual art, dance or dramatics. It’s the same with singing. To really fully express the joy of being human, the more you learn to use the voice, the more it satisfies you.” – Elaine Quilichini

Your daughter can experience the joy of singing at Calgary Girls Choir’s upcoming trial
classes, “Come Do Re Mi with CGC!” On March 12 and 13, girls between five and
thirteen can participate in a rehearsal designed to give them idea of what it would be
like to sing with the CGC. Just be sure to sign up ahead of time on the Calgary Girls
Choir website or on their Facebook Page under Events.