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Category: Parenting Advice

5 ways to deal with after-school restraint collapse

Your kid walks in the door from school and explodes into a mess of feelings, frustrations and fights… sound familiar? Learn how to help. Read More

Getting your kids to help with the school routine (without a fight)

The easiest solution to hectic mornings – and the one that will teach your children important life skills – is getting them to help with the routine. And it might be easier than you think! Read More

3 steps to help with back-to-school anxiety

The first week of school can bring up many feelings, including anxiety. Here are 3 tips to help your child get through their worries and see that school can be fun.
Read More

6 tips for sun safety

Six tips to keep you sun safe this summer. Read More

What slowing down teaches kids

Our lives are so busy that even when we to go on an adventure, like a hike with our family, we tend to rush through it. Learn about the benefits of taking the time to slow down and enjoy the small stuff. Read More

Water safety tips

Whether you are at a pool, splash park, or natural body of water, it is time to remind your children about water safety – because their lives could depend on it. Read More

Communicating to Kids in a Time of Crisis

When crises like the one unfolding in Ukraine occur on the world stage, it’s hard to know what (and how much) to tell our kids. Whether or not we mean to, adults can contribute to anxiety and fear in children by their words, actions and reactions. Read More

Do you resent your kids?

by Parenting Power
When we start to feel resentment as parents, it’s a clue that something needs to change. We can hope and hope and hope for change (which may or may not happen,) or we can speak up and make a new plan. Read More

Managing Gift Expectations

By Vinay Saranga M.D.

Children are an absolute gift! As parents, we want the best for our children in all aspects of their lives. After all, their happiness means the world. However, this is the time of year when parents begin to hear more and more about the things their children want as the holiday lists roll in. Read More

Who’s Ruling the Household?

When we are presenting to audiences of 200+ or talking with individual coaching clients, one thing we hear more often than we would expect is,

“My child won’t let me…”

Many times, without anyone actually realizing it is happening, children are ruling the home. The children have the power and the parents, while not happy about it, throw up their hands, shrug their shoulders and go along with it. Read More

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