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Category: Food

Top 5 reasons to spend time in the kitchen with kids

Whether you are actually slaving away over a hot oven all day or throwing a few ingredients in a bowl for your favorite no-bake treat, time in the kitchen with your kids is always well spent. Read More

Ways to get your kids to eat (healthy) this summer

Check out these (fairly simple) things you can do to increase the chances that your kids will willingly eat the nutritious food on their plate (without a fight). Read More

Healthy Lunch Ideas During COVID-19

by Andrea Holwegner, Health Stand Nutritional Consulting Inc.

Finding healthy lunch ideas for kids isn’t always easy. As many parents and childcare providers are back to packing lunches for kids, this year during COVID-19 we have some additional challenges to contend with. Read More

Sticky Buns from Julie van Rosendaal’s ‘Dirty Food’

Everyone needs a gooey, sticky cinnamon bun recipe in their repertoire—not only for brunchy mornings, but for showing up with anytime you want to make someone ecstatically happy. My go-to recipe makes two pans: one to eat immediately, another to share, or wrap and freeze to bake on another day. Read More