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Category: Parenting Advice

9 simple ways to encourage independent play

As much as we love spending time with our kids, we all need them to play independently sometimes so we can get things done. Here are nine tips to encourage your child to play by themselves. Read More

How to help your child be a self-advocate

Teaching your children to advocate for themselves in an age-appropriate way is just as important as learning to walk, potty train, read or tie their shoes. Here are five ways you can help your child advocate for themselves effectively. Read More

15 life skills your teen should know before leaving the nest

Making sure your kids know what they need to before they leave the house and go out on their own can is a big job but there are a few skills that you can work on together before your not-so-little bird leaves the nest. Read More

Backyard play safety

Alberta Health Services’ EMS shares backyard safety tips to help your family play safe this summer. Read More

Family rules 101

If you are noticing that your children are not listening as well as you would like them to or following these rules as consistently as they used to, it might be time for a family meeting to help remind everyone of the things that are important to your family. Read More

How to reinforce manners with fun

Yelling and nagging has never effectively taught anyone anything so how can you help your children learn the social skills they need to thrive? Read More

Decreasing Discipline: Encouraging the behavior you want to see

Rather than always resorting to “punishments” or “discipline,” it can be simpler than you think to take preventative actions and avoid the problem behavior all together. Read More

6 ways to calm your kid’s craziness before bed

It is easy to get into the before-bed rut. But your nighttime routine doesn’t have to involve yelling and power struggles. Finding ways to inject a bit of creativity and connection into your before-bed schedule can help put everyone in a better mood and set your family up for sleep success. Read More

The No 1 thing I do to boost my children’s self-confidence

Instilling the belief in our kids that they can accomplish a task or overcome a challenge is a big part of our job. Read More

How to balance your teen’s privacy and internet safety

There is no secret button to push to make sure your child will never run into any trouble online, but there are some steps you can take to reduce the chance that your child will become victim to cyberbullying, scams or predators. Read More

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