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Category: Parenting Advice

Decreasing Discipline: Encouraging the behavior you want to see

Rather than always resorting to “punishments” or “discipline,” it can be simpler than you think to take preventative actions and avoid the problem behavior all together. Read More

6 ways to calm your kid’s craziness before bed

It is easy to get into the before-bed rut. But your nighttime routine doesn’t have to involve yelling and power struggles. Finding ways to inject a bit of creativity and connection into your before-bed schedule can help put everyone in a better mood and set your family up for sleep success. Read More

The No 1 thing I do to boost my children’s self-confidence

Instilling the belief in our kids that they can accomplish a task or overcome a challenge is a big part of our job. Read More

How to balance your teen’s privacy and internet safety

There is no secret button to push to make sure your child will never run into any trouble online, but there are some steps you can take to reduce the chance that your child will become victim to cyberbullying, scams or predators. Read More

Helping your child grieve a loss

Like most things in their lives, grieving is a learned skill. Children need to be taught how to approach their grief in a healthy way. Read More

What to do when your child yells at you

How can you keep it together when your child has completely lost their cool and help teach them how to manage without falling into the fight they seem to be pushing for? Read More

Simple ways to spark your child’s interest in STEM

It can be intimidating as a parent to think that helping teach our children STEM concepts is another thing added to our lengthy to-do list.
The good news is, you are probably already doing activities that teach STEM skills and the ones you are not doing yet can be easy and fun to engage in with your kids! Read More

8 fun alternatives to screen time

The key to effectively cutting down on screentime is finding alternatives that are as (or even more) appealing to your child as their video game, TV show or social media. Impossible right? Wrong! Read More

How to raise courteous kids (without all the nagging)

Manners (or courtesy) are important in society and although saying please and thank you is part of that, it is more about teaching our children the rules of social interaction and giving them the tools to get along with others in life. Read More

Parenting resolutions (that you will want to keep)

Your relationship with your family is the most important thing in your life. As much as we all hate the word “resolution”, improving the way you interact with your children in 2023 should be a top priority (and it’s easy with these tips). Read More

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